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Little Golden Books: “Solo:  A Star Wars Story”

The epic space adventure Solo: A Star Wars Story is retold in the iconic Little Golden Book format!

Featuring stunning retro-style illustrations, this book is perfect for Star Wars–and Little Golden Book–fans of all ages!

Author:  Barbara Winthrop
Illustrator:  Pilot Studio
Publisher:  Golden Books
Release Date:  December 24, 2018
ISBN-10:  0736438750
ISBN-13: 978-0736438759
Pages:  24
Cost:  $4.99

The Little Golden Book adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story is another fine addition to their Star Wars Series. My three-year old Padawan absolutely adores Han Solo (he even has an affinity for vests) and the film is in regular rotation. I had been waiting in anticipation for this release because Golden Books and their authors really break down the stories for the young mind to absorb the basic elements of the narrative. It seems the overwhelming visuals in a Star Wars film may distract the younger ones from understanding the story. For example, I learned that he did not fully understand Enfys Nest revealing herself to Han Solo in the film until we read the book. We had to back up a few pages and he put it all together.

Barbara Winthrop segments the film point-by-point capturing all the relevant information without losing any of the action. It must be an extremely daunting challenge to condense the film into 24 pages and she accomplished the task extremely well.

Pilot Studio has been producing Star Wars material since 2006. Some of their work include the cover of Star Wars: Lost Stars, 5-Minute Star Wars, and artwork for Star Wars:  Celebration 2016. They certainly bring some exceptional artwork to this Little Golden Book. The film itself is very dark and shadowy and Pilot Studio captures the effect and it enhances the details of each scene. Their approach differs from the other titles in the Golden Book series a distinctive style—the characters are not cartoon-like, but they aren’t too mature.

As I mentioned, this adaptation is one more volume to a great series of books for the youngest Star Wars fan. It provides another wonderful way to share Star Wars with children and I look forward more titles Golden Books has in store for us.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (Star Wars) (Little Golden Book)
  • Elizabeth Schaefer
  • Publisher: Golden Books
  • Hardcover: 24 pages

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