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Star Wars: Force Collector

Karr is a teenage boy like many others in the galaxy, but he has a secret; when he touches certain objects, he gets visions of people he doesn’t know and places he’s never been.

Karr’s grandmother is convinces the visions come from The Force. But are there any Jedi left to guide Karr in the use of his abilities?

Accompanied by Maize, the unpredictable new girl at school, and RZ-7, Karr’s droid companion, he sets off into the larger galaxy to find the truth. His adventures take him from Utapau to Jakku to Takodana and beyond as he learns more about the Jedi than he could have expected…and about his own place in the Force.

Writer: Kevin Shinick
Cover Artist: Tony Foti
Publisher: Disney LucasFilm (US)/Egmont (UK)
Publication Type: Young Adult Novel
Page Count: 379
ISBN: 9781405295413
Retail Price: £9.99
Release Date: 4th October (U.K)

The journey to Episode IX begins and like the previous Disney era episodic films Lucasfilm and their many partners slowly release a swathe of literature in preparation for the much anticipated finalé to the Skywalker Saga. The first to land on my doormat was Kevin Shinick’s Force Collector.

This young adult novel takes us far across the galaxy as Karr, the main character, and his friend Maize and trusty droid RZ-7 delve deep in to the history of the Jedi as they attempt to find Karr’s reasons behind his peculiar visions and what they could possibly mean.

The book starts slowly and in a slightly clumsy fashion, Shinick has to get his characters away from their home planet Merokia to start their adventure and uses cliche school bullies and teachers to aid their escape and I found myself with a severe lack of empathy towards them. However, as a 29 year old, I also have to respect that I’m not the target audience and that perhaps, it’s incredibly relatable for the teenagers it is aimed towards.

There, my criticism stops as when the action truly begins Shinick is able to weave a fascinating and moving story that will please readers of all ages! As the blurb mentions, we visit planets from the prequels and sequels as Karr attempts to find out more about these peculiar “space wizards” and his place amongst them as a force sensitive teenager.

Kevin artfully adds more background and colour to characters like Tion Medon, the Pau’an who greets Obi-Wan in Episode III and the mysterious, clone army ordering Jedi, Sifo-Dyas. This is where the book is at its best as we discover and learn more alongside Karr as we delve deeper into the Force and none more so when Karr is face to face with Maz Kanata which is a truly triumphant scene.

How does Karr’s journey end? In a moving and exciting way. The conclusion is such that we could indeed learn more about him and what he brings to the future of the force and the Jedi. It remains to be seen how this book truly ties into Episode IX but it is well worth a read as after the slow start it accelerates into a wonderful story.

Star Wars The Force Collector
  • UK, Egmont Publishing (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 10/04/2019 (Publication Date) - Egmont (Publisher)