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An all-new adventure starring Lando Calrissian and L3-37 onboard the Millennium Falcon.

When a smuggling scheme goes wrong, Lando faces an opportunity to do what’s right–or do what’s best for Lando.

If he’s lucky, he can do both!

AUTHOR: Justina Ireland
RELEASED: October 2nd, 2018
PAGES: 176
ISBN: 1368041507
ISBN: 9781368041508

Lando has found himself in a wee moral quandary. Get a quick buck and serve The Empire, or risk their wrath and potentially lose a lot of credits that he feels he is due? Justina Ireland weaves a fun tale of risk, reward and daring escapes in which Lando is actually a bit part!

This may sound odd when it is his name is on the novel but with a queen, a princess and L3-37 around he is a small voice amongst three very strong ones and I found this quite refreshing. A critique of the current canon would say that the characters we have known for 40 years are too prominent and as a result new individuals cannot shine. Within these pages Justina Ireland has enabled her cast to do just that.

Let’s start with the real star, Rinetta. This young princess follows in Leia’s footsteps by packing a punch, being strong willed and not taking any crap from Lando. She is instrumental to the plot and is the glue that holds it all together. She isn’t perfect and makes many a mistake in her youthful enthusiasm, however this makes her character all that more realistic. Rinetta is a fascinating inclusion to the Star Wars canon and with an intriguing epilogue she may well have some part to play in the future sagas.

One thing I must say about this novel is that it absolutely flies at break neck speed, there are three different planets explored, many a daring chase, sci-fi like plot lines and a lot of L3 sass. Whilst this is fun reading it can occasionally be clunky in the way that the dialogue sets up the next part of the adventure. Though, as this is a young adults book, I have to give it some break as ultimately the book isn’t aimed at this late 20s reader and some clear direction is useful to a younger reader.

Ultimately this book is about doing the right thing and whether or not to do it when a more convenient option is available. There are dilemmas in most chapters and Ireland is able to depict Lando’s unique thought process whilst broadening Star Wars lore with an exciting and diverse wider cast.

So how does this novel fit in to the wider Star Wars Canon? Well…it is part of wider series of books, The Flight of the Falcon. The aim of this series is to showcase the whereabouts of the falcon and fill in some of the gaps between the films before it ends on the planet Batuu. (which can be explored in Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World and Disneyland). Within the prologue Bazine Netal returns to the Star Wars universe. Famous for wearing a striking black and white outfit and for informing the First Order of BB-8 she makes a fascinating addition to this novel. What her motive is for the Millennium Falcon remains unclear but we hopefully will find out in due course.

As you may have noticed above, an illustrator is credited and Annie Wu returns with some depictions throughout the book and a cover that really catches the eye. Her likeness of Lando is spot on and she brings a playful element to her illustrations within the novel, they by no means detract from the experience are give life to the feline Lynna race that are introduced.

Should you read this book? If you’re a huge Star Wars fan – then yes, it adds a little something to Lando and L3’s back story and Bazine’s usage is tantalising, I’d also imagine it would be a lot of fun to read with a child. It’s not the best young adult Star Wars novel out there (Before the Awakening, Smugglers Run and Lost Stars) but Ireland provides something different in her supporting cast and that should be applauded