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Star Wars #65

Queen Trios of Shu-Torun’s betrayal allowed the evil Galactic Empire to launch a surprise attack against the Rebel Alliance’s fleet and nearly crushed their heroic cause once and for all.

Princess Leia Organa, along with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and a crack strike team that includes Benthic’s Partisans, infiltrated and locked down Shu-Torun.

With Trios and the world’s leadership trapped, Luke and the Partisans attacked! Now, Luke prepares to sabotage the Spike, and the planet’s infrastructure along with it. But Benthic has other plans….

Writer:  Kieron Gillen
Artist:  Angel Unzueta
Colorist:  GURU-eFX
Letterer:  VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist:  Gerald Parel
Variant Cover Artists:  John Tyler Christopher (Action Figure), Cory Smith & Stephane Paitreau (Greatest Moments)
Assistant Editor:  Tom Groneman
Editor:  Mark Paniccia
Price:  $3.99
Release Date:  May 1, 2019

The Rebel infiltration has either been well-planned, too easy, or on the brink of disaster.  The mission so far has been a success and in its final stages. It has certainly been noticed by Queen Trios as she mounts a counterattack to seized back control, but the Empire has turned an eye to the goings-on at Shu-Torun.  Marooned on the planet Hubin, SCAR Squadron has improvised a communication device (I am certain they cannibalized the Markano Clan’s abandoned butler droid (see The Escape story arc in issues 56-61) and disclosed the attack plans they discovered to Commander Kanchar of the Imperial Star Destroyer Tributum. Commander Kanchar first appeared in the Ashes of Jedha arc (issues 38-43). On the verge of success, the Rebels are finishing up the mission and preparing to depart when members of their team, Benthic and his Partisans, have a different interpretation of what constitutes success in this mission. In their eyes, success is the equivalent of vengeance.

There are only two more issues before Kieron Gillen’s departure from Marvel’s Star Wars galaxy. During his tenure, he has produced a powerhouse of great stories and introduced characters which have contributed to the success of the Marvel’s return to the franchise.  The latest arcs that he composed for the self-titled series are among my personal favorites. It is certainly a bittersweet farewell, as we wish him success in his future endeavors but sad to see him leave the galaxy that is far, far, away.

As always, there is only praise rather than criticism for Angel Unzeuta’s artwork, GURU-eFX’s coloring, or VC’s Clayton Cowles lettering. Gerald Parel’s cover captures the suspense of what lies just around-the-corner for not only Luke but the entire team of Rebels. John Tyler Christopher offers us another action figure to add to the collection with an A-Wing Pilot on Variant Cover B. Finally, Stephane Paitreau & Cory Smith’s Variant Cover C captures another Greatest Moment with Obi-Wan’s showdown in the Mos Eisely Cantina.  This chapter accelerates the story to the impending climax of the Rebels reciprocation for Queen Trios deceit is excellently contained in this issue’s pages.

I anxiously await the next chapter in Issue 66 which will be out before you know it.

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