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Star Wars: Age of Republic: Darth Maul

Sith Apprentice Darth Maul has long waited in the shadows under the tutelage of Darth Sidious for the day when they would bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order.

But Maul’s lust for battle drives him to act.

And with the dark side of the Force as his weapon, the Jedi’s days are numbered….

A living weapon of rage and bloodthirst, DARTH MAUL has stayed in the shadows of CORUSCANT waiting for his chance to strike against the JEDI ORDER!

However, since tasting his first blood, the SITH lord struggles to contain his desire for destruction and questions the wishes of his methodically plotting master.

Could Maul have had another path in life, or was he always fated to follow a dark road?

Writer:  Jody Houser
Artist:  Luke Ross
Colorist:  Java Tartaglia
Letterer:  VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Artist:  Paolo Rivera
Variant Cover Artist:  Luke Ross & Nolan Woodard; Mike Nolan & GURU-eFX
Production Designer:  Anthony Gambino
Assistant Editor:  Tom Groneman
Editors:  Mike Paniccia
Publisher:  Marvel
Price:  $3.99
Release Date:  December 12, 2018

“Age of Republic: Darth Maul” presents the second in Marvel’s One-Shot series which started with Qui-Gon Jinn earlier in December. Both stories occur before the events in the Phantom Menace. We find Maul prowling Coruscant’s underworld to satiate his unquenchable thirst for Jedi blood.  Instead, he must settle for a Force-sensitive morsel and suffer the disapproval of his master, Darth Sidious. As a result, Sidious takes his apprentice to Malachor for a lesson in the Dark Side

Of the three issues that have been released in the Age of Republic anthology, this story has been my favorite. The first-person narration allows us to experience the thoughts and motivation through Darth Maul’s eyes and with the touch of foreshadowing—the story is simply brilliant. There isn’t really anything further to be said other than to pick up a copy and read it for yourself.

The superb artwork of the Luke Ross, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Travis Lanham ensemble further complements the issue. The coloring descends to the darkness of Malachor and the blackness of Maul’s heart which makes for the final frames to be even more haunting.  Again, in my opinion, the entire package of great story and excellent art makes this the stand-out issue in the series, thus far.

Star Wars: Age of the Republic - Villains
  • Jody Houser
  • Publisher: Marvel
  • Paperback: 128 pages