Becca Benjamin

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    Becca Benjamin is a collaborator and contributor for many outlets within the Star Wars community. She has been an adoring Star Wars fan since the tender age of four and even had Darth Vader proudly displayed on her fourth birthday cake – trimmed in pink icing! The addition of the prequels only intensified her love for the ever-growing franchise and sprung her into the fandom community at full force, pun intended.

    She began her blogging career back in 2006 with a paid subscription for the official website, and has dabbled in writing since her high school days, and even studied creative writing in college as a secondary major under her major in medical office. Currently, she holds a fulltime position as a medical receptionist for a Retina specialist/surgeon.

    Becca is the Editor-in-Chief for the former The Cantina Cast website, co-host on Tarkin’s Top Shelf, a literary Star Wars podcast, and a Host on Kanata’s Castle Podcast. She also prepares titles and captions for Lucasfilm artist Steve Anderson and contributes monthly blogs for Coffee with Kenobi and


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