Carl Bayliss

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    Born in the early 70’s Carl is one of the OT Children so from ’77 – ’85 his parents were badgered into buying all sorts of merchandise from figures to bed sheets, and even took him to Asda to meet ‘Darth Vader’ when they launched a bedding range! (As if a Sith Lord would be seen in Brierley Hill)

    Fast forward 40 years and as the Smiths said ‘there is a light(sabre?) that never goes out’ – through the advent of the internet Carl was able to reconnect with fandom and indulge his passion for the GFFA. This awakening also led to him attending more conventions and events, rating his favourites as Celebration Europe 3 in 2016 and the Star Wars Fan Fun Day in Burnley. He is also quite chuffed at having got most of the wristbands he wanted at CE16, including what would sadly be one of Carrie Fisher’s last Star Wars appearances. His collecting focus is Troopers & Ties (fighters that is).

    When not focusing 100% on Star Wars, Carl can be found hitting drum-shaped things for several bands in the Midlands area including Amoeba Teen, Flying Ant Day, Sleuth, Grand Valise and BBC6Music faves The Humdrum Express.

    Carl is a Features Editor for Fantha Tracks.


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