Chris Daly

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    Chris Daly first saw Star Wars back in ’78 when it made its way to the cheap theaters out in the Chicago ‘burbs. Following some 40-plus viewings in the theater ($1 movies were good for these things), he’s been hooked for life. At this point, he’s pretty sure his spirit animal is either a Wampa or possibly a Wookiee.

    In addition to a basement full of Star Wars merchandise and memorabilia, CD sports a nifty Samurai Darth Vader tat on his left calf, owns no less than a dozen lightsabers, is a five time attendee of Disney’s Star Wars Weekends (and genuinely hopes the Mouse revives those), has been to Celebration twice (’13 in Orlando, ’15 in Anaheim) and even took his mother to stand in line at midnight for The Force Awakens toy releases.

    Chris has covered Star Wars comic books, local themed events, movie screenings and various Star Wars goings-on and is a proud member of the Rebel Legion’s Freedom Base as a Rebel Trooper. He also covers the music industry for such renowned sites as Passion of the Weiss and Odd Bloggings.


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