Jay Stobie

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    Jay Stobie claims to be a renaissance man, and who are we to argue with his visions of grandeur? A freelance writer with a passion for Star Wars and Star Trek, Jay’s bylines can be found at StarWars.com, StarTrek.com, Force For Change, Coffee With Kenobi, and Ex Astris Scientia.


    Stobie has also worked extensively as an independent social media director and consultant, assisting an array of notable actors who have appeared in his favorite franchises with their digital footprints and a variety of marketing campaigns.


    Jay’s love for science fiction is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for activism and charity work, where he has played vital roles in the development of relief efforts and political engagements, ranging from “Sci-Fi Fans For Hurricane Irma Relief” to “Trek Against Trump.”


    Stobie’s fascination with the starships of the Star Wars and Star Trek universes led him to select the Twitter handle @CaptStobie, but he now worries that people think he genuinely believes he is a captain.


    Jay currently resides on Earth.


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