Sérgio Lopes

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    Sérgio Lopes has been a fan of Star Wars since he first saw it in Brazil in the early 1980s.

    It was passion at first sight, and gradually, even with the difficulties of getting items and news from Star Wars in Brazil at the time, continued to follow. But the great turning point was when he met the Dark Horse comics and the character Quinlan Vos, from there the comic book collection and the passion for Star Wars had no return.

    Dedicated father, already training the Padawan in the ways of the force, also is software engineer. In his spare time he still enjoys video games and playing guitar.

    He was the editor of the São Paulo Jedi Council, currently editor in two blogs, at Comix Revenge where he writes about comics and Geek culture and also Star Wars, and also in the Sociedade Jedi where besides talking about Star Wars, is a bridge between what happens in Brazil to the world.

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