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Almost anything can get turned into a competition. Whether it’s simply with friends or battling against strangers, the majority of activities and games we do can have a competitive side to it.

The gaming world is no different. In fact, recent trends put the competitive gaming world of esports is on pace to double its viewership by 2023 (from 335 million in 2017 up to 646 million in 2023).

Online gaming competitions have caught the eyes of global investors, major brands, media outlets, and even popular celebrities. With that, it’s helped launch the competitive gaming industry into the spotlight and grab more attention from the general population.

Why is competitive gaming becoming so popular? The social component of a live stream event (thanks to platforms like YouTube and Twitch) has helped with the boost. Fans have a direct connection to the players, which adds to the overall element. Plus, the industry growth has sparked the interest of gamblers and placing bets on the competition (check out some online casino reviews for how to wager on a gaming competition).

Are you interested in joining the competitive gaming world? We have four tips to get you prepared for your first competition.

First, Take the Plunge

The hardest barrier to overcome is the hesitation you’ve likely experienced. Whether it’s the unknown of the first competition, scared of losing, worried what others may think, or doubt in your abilities, these thoughts all put up a barrier that prevents you from joining.

It’s time to sign up, though.

The first (and hardest) step is to just sign up for the competition you’ve been eyeing up. Once you make it through your first one, you’ll feel more confident about the next battle.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals

If it’s your first competition, don’t overwhelm yourself by setting the goal of winning the competition. Although yes, that’s what you hope for. However, you also need to get used to the atmosphere and truly learn everything about a gaming competition. This will help build your confidence to be better prepared for the next one.

Keep Doing What You’re Doing

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of having to game and practise every minute of the day. The only way to succeed is to stay up all night drinking coffee and keep practicing. However, sticking to your regular schedule is the safest bet.

Your body needs a schedule, and it also needs sleep. If you’re overdoing it with your games and not keeping up with your regular life, by the competition comes, you’ll feel drained and won’t be fully ready for the battle.

Bring Some Support

Having a support system before, during, and after the competition is all apart of the experience. Your support can help keep you on track with your regular schedule. At the competition, he or she can be your cheerleader. Afterwards, your support is there to celebrate the success of competing in your first gaming competition, even if you don’t win.

Prepare for a gaming competition like you would for others. Know the rules before you join and create a plan leading up to the competition and the day of. Above all else, enjoy the experience at your first gaming competition.