Vintage Interview: Julian Glover: 19th September 2005

Back in 2005 our twenty-fourth guest on Lightsabre was the brilliant Julian Glover.

Sideshow Collectibles meet Todd Fisher

Sideshow Collectibles catch up with Todd Fisher.

Lawrence Kasdan discusses Lord and Miller

Lawrence Kasdan touches upon the Lord and Miller issues at Empire magazine.

Thandie Newton reveals details about Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thandie Newton discusses the importance of her role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ira Friedman talks about his Star Wars journey chats with Ira Friedman from Bantha Tracks and Topps.

Fantha Tracks: An Array of Star Wars fandom: Interview with Alan Zaugg

Adam O'Brien catches up with Alan Zaugg from Idiot's Array. D.J. Older on Last Shot and why Lando needs L3-37

James Floyd, honorary Fantha Tracker writing over at catches up with Last Shot author Daniel José Older.

Vintage Interview: Rena Owen: 21st August 2005

Our 23rd guest on Lightsabre was the actress behind Taun We, Rena Owen.

Po-Zu interview Joelle, Young Person’s Ambassador for Alopecia UK

Po_Zu interview Fantha Tracker Joelle about her Star wars fandom and work as a Young Person’s Ambassador for Alopecia UK.

Fantha Tracks TV: Interview with the Running Stormtrooper

Watch to find out how to get a great Stormtrooper virtual run medal thanks to the Running Stormtrooper.

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