Do It Yourself – Floating Death Star

Well, enough of Rapsberry's projects, let's go to some different ones. How about a levitating Death Star?

First sneak peak at Galaxy Edge Millennium Falcon

Disney has shown a little more of their Millennium Falcon ship for Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.

Jedi Business collate Jabba’s Palace and Jabba’s Sail Barge figures

Jabba has a lot of characters surrounding him and Jedi Business collate every one of them in this handy list.

The Soundtrack Show with David Collins

The Soundtrack Show, presented by David Collins, is coming our way soon.

Do It Yourself – Minecraft Star Wars

Just for today, we have a software Star Wars cinema spectacular. Martin O’Hanlon (co-writer of Adventures in Minecraft) has used his knowledge of both the Raspberry Pi and Minecraft Pi Edition to recreate the Death Star sequence as a Minecraft Animation.

Star Wars is Everywhere #008

And this week comes from an indication from a friend, off the Marvel axis. It is a double appearance in two editions of Ghostbusters International, issues # 2 and # 3.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Meet the scoundrels

EW introduce us to the scoundrels of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Do It Yourself – Star Wars Christmas Lights

I know I know!! We are still away from Christmas, but what about an idea to make when the date is coming?

Star Wars is Everywhere #006

Well, one thing is for sure, the creative teams behind Spider-Man, Deadpool and InHumans are really fans of Star Wars, and with this we arrive at Black Bolt 008 and another reference to Saga.

Do It Yourself – R2-D2 Pi-0

In this issue of "Do It Yourself", I will bring a very difficult project, not only in challenge, but also in cost. Creator Les Pounder was able to create a project for a cheap R2-D2 using a Pi Zero board.

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