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London Film Fair: Saturday 24th February 2018

London Film Fair returned to the Central Hall in Westminster and Richard Mitchell was there to cover it.

Chive Cast Vintage Pod Episode 88: Commando Love

Skye and Steve continue their hilarious journey through the Vintage Star Wars figures these month focusing on the Rebel Commando

Epic AT-AT Star Wars Legion gaming table

Beasts of War take a look at this epic Star Wars Legion table build.

Do It Yourself – Floating Death Star

Well, enough of Rapsberry's projects, let's go to some different ones. How about a levitating Death Star?

Brews and Blasters 157: Toy Fair days and Jedi Nights

Brews and Blasters 157 takes a look at Rebels and Toy Fair New York.

Secrets of the Empire shifts London locations

Secrets of the Empire moves London locations from Shepherd's Bush to Stratford.

Musterbrand reveal their wookiee cardigan

Musterbrand reveal their latest additions to their Star Wars line.

Star Wars Report 319: Rebels Returns + Mark Von Ohlen!

Star Wars Report returns as Riley and Bruce chat with Mark Von Ohlen from Star Wars Authentics.

Fantasy Flight Games: Preview the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games bring us the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

Hasbro reveals from Toy Fair New York

Habro's Star Wars brand manager reveals some of the new 3 3/4" products coming in 2018, and some rather familiar packaging.

First sneak peak at Galaxy Edge Millennium Falcon

Disney has shown a little more of their Millennium Falcon ship for Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.

Kevin Jenkins to attend Portsmouth Comic Con

The Last Jedi's Supervising Art Director, Kevin Jenkins, will be attending this years Portsmouth Comic Con.

Official Pix announce new Star Wars signings

Official Pix have announced a host of pre-orders with a number of classic and modern Star Wars signers from Moff Jerjerrod to Zuckuss to Admiral Raddus!

Charles Soule comments on upcoming Poe Dameron #26 venturing into TFA plot

Charles Soule the writer for the ongoing Poe Dameron comic series from Marvel has commented on the upcoming #26 which crosses into the plot of The Force Awakens.

JJ Abrams discusses having a script for Episode IX on The Late Show

Appearing on The Late Show, Episode IX director J. J. Abrams revealed that a script for Episode IX exists.

Toys R Us UK to go into administration next week?

The directors of Toys R Us’s British chain are preparing to appoint administrators early next week.

StarWars.com: Stephen Stanton looks back at his Star Wars voice career

Stephen Stanton takes a look at his Star Wars voice career over at StarWars.com.

SXSW: The Director and The Jedi world premier

SXSW brings the premier of a behind-the-scenes documentary focusing on the making of The Last Jedi.

Jedi Business collate Jabba’s Palace and Jabba’s Sail Barge figures

Jabba has a lot of characters surrounding him and Jedi Business collate every one of them in this handy list.

Never-before-seen images of the Haslab Sail Barge

More images of Hasbro / Haslab Sail Barge surface.

The Soundtrack Show with David Collins

The Soundtrack Show, presented by David Collins, is coming our way soon.

Wraith Squadron Podcast – Transmission XIII: Dragon’s Lair Regional Recap

Wraith Squadron Podcast returns with a look at the Dragon's Lair regional.

The Muppets take The O2

The Muppets are coming to the O2 on 13th - 14th July 2018.

Fantasy Flight Games: The Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault is...

The Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault arrives.

Celebrate the return of Rebels with discounts and new items on Star Wars Authentics!

Star Wars Authentics have a number of new products available to tie in with the return of the final episodes of Rebels.

Po-Zu bundles to celebrate World Social Justice Day

Po-Zu reveal more great deals to celebrate the World Day of Social Justice.

New images of the Walt Disney World Resort hotel near Galaxy’s Edge surface

The hotel near Galaxy's Edge continues to develop.

StarWars.com: The new Star Wars The Black Series figures look amazing, and here’s why

StarWars.com take a look at new additions to The Black Series line and why their detail is so improved.

The origins of Mimban

Splinter of the Mind's Eye - specifically the world of Mimban - is the focus of Tim Veekhoven's first article for Fantha Tracks.

Mark Hamill in conversation with Frank Oz

Mark Hamill. Frank Oz. The perfect Star Wars conversation, and it's happening next month in New York.

Toy Fair New York 2018: Hasbro The Black Series 6 inch

Kevin Schwoebel was at Toy Fair New York and here's his look at Hasbro's 6 inch The Black Series range.

Customising your fandom: Accustomed Togruta

Mark Telfer brings us more customising ideas in his latest how-to blog.

Coffee With Kenobi Show #110: A Closer Look at Star Wars Rebels “Jedi Night”...

Coffee With Kenobi returns with a look at the Rebels episodes Jedi Night and Dume.

Hasbro reveal two Sail Barge TVC 3 3/4 inch releases for 2019

Hasbro reveal two Sail Barge characters to arrive i The Vintage Collection in 2019, Yak Face and Klaatu.

Fantasy Flight Games: The Rivals Draft Pack for Star Wars: Destiny is Available Now

Star Wars Destiny expands with the Rivals Draft Pack, available now.

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