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The combination of video and audio is the best way to consume and remember information. Above that, it’s more interesting to watch a movie that tells about particular events in the past, instead of reading books. A movie will help you experience the atmosphere of those times, feel empathy for the main characters, and value the happened events more deeply.


This movie is a must to see if you want to learn more about the Troy war. It will tell about the event that started the war, its timeline, and how Greeks could break into one of the safest cities and conquer it.

The film will also tell about the most famous Greek warrior, Achilles, and his rival, Hector, a Trojan prince. At the same time, he was the best fighter for Troy.

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Killing Lincoln

History always tries to hide crucial details that help analyze everything that happened in the past. This movie is a great eye-opening film about the events related to the US President’s assassination.

It shows the life-story of Abraham Lincoln. The movie is full of scenes that share the everyday life and problems of people who lived those times. Most importantly, it encloses the story of the murdering, providing all the details.

Schindler’s List

WW2 brought horrible times for Jewish people in Europe. The film shows the story of a man who owned a factory in a Nazi-occupied Poland. This drama shows the tough times brought by war, holocaust, and the humanitarian crisis.

However, beyond all the circumstances, the factory’s owner saved thousands of Jewish people from death by employing them in his factory.

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The Imitation Game

During WW2, not only troops fought on the frontline. The war covered the entire Britain, and the best mathematicians were hired to crack the most famous German encoding machine. One of them, Alan Turing, lost his enthusiasm trying to crack the machine by using fellow mathematics.

Consequently, he decided to create a prototype of modern computers that could do a large number of calculations to replace hundreds of mathematics. Watch this movie to learn more about the man who changed the world and helped to win the war.


It is a story of one of the largest military evacuations in history. Landing in Europe, the British army got surrounded by German troops. The movie shows the real story of the British army evacuation by sea.

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Darkest Hour

After starting WW2, a lot of Britain leaders decided to negotiate with Adolf Hitler to save the United Kingdom from the German invasion. However, in 1940, Winston Churchill became the country’s leader.

His position was clear. He wanted to fight against the aggressor. Unfortunately, his ideas were not supported by others. See the movie and learn more about the tense times of deciding to start a war with Nazi Germany.


In the middle of WW2, England experienced a lack of food because the Germans’ submarines attacked all ships with provision. Because of that, American military vessels were sent to protect cargo ships.

The movie will tell the story about the US Navy commander who led an Allied convoy. He had to fight a crowd of submarines with no support from air and lack of ammunition. As a consequence, it has become the longest and most complex battle in history.

Bridge Of Spies

After winning WW2, another war started simultaneously. It was the Cold War. Watch this movie and dive into the secret world of the informational fight between civilizations. This film will show you how secret service agents worked and collected information. It will also tell you more about everything that happened in the Cold War’s frontline.

The main character, a defense lawyer, will dive into the post-war consequences in Berlin by helping a traitor get freedom. This movie will show you the other side of the Cold War that could hardly be found in textbooks.

Final Words

Movies are a popular way of entertainment. They allow people to combine pastime and education. If you’re a history student, pick a movie from the selection above. Each of these films will help you relax and learn something new from our history.