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Christopher Sean discusses the ending of Star Wars Resistance, looking back at the 2 years of the series and why fans should get on board.

“Every Star Wars project has a place,” Christopher Sean told ABC News. “This show is amazing, and it gives insight into what’s happening outside the Skywalker storyline. That fun-loving adventure? That’s all there, in our story.”

And the diversity on show has impressed Sean.

“The diversity, hands down. We have the first Asian American lead of a Star Wars franchise. We have black female pilots, we have Latina pilots. People come up to me dressed as Kaz, saying, ‘I’m so happy I can finally dress as a character who looks like me, a character who has depth and layers, just like me.'”

“That, for me, is everything,”

Season 2 of Star Wars Resistance comes to Disney Plus on 25th February, and will be available in the UK and Europe on 24th March.