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Joining us today is Jedi Zaugg, (Alan Zaugg) a dear friend, and Star Wars fan. He’s also a well known podcaster, and co-host of the Jedi & Jerms and Idiot’s Array podcasts. He’s here to talk about his fandom, and much more.

FT: Welcome to Fantha Tracks. Where and when did you first find Star Wars?

AZ: I don’t remember when I first discovered Star Wars. I was living in Southern California when it first came out. I was 3.

FT: What your earliest memory of it?

AZ: My parents took me to see A New Hope in theaters, but my first theater experience that I can remember was Empire. Mom and Dad bought me a mini snowspeeder, and Boba Fett and Darth Vader action figures. I was 9 when Jedi hit the theaters and I was full fledged hooked then. They bought me my first magazines and posters then.

FT: What character resonates with you the most?

AZ: When I was a kid, it was Luke at first. But by the time Jedi came out, Vader was my favorite. I really loved the chemistry between father and son through the entire film and the throne room scene with the Emperor is still one of my favorites of all time.

FT: What was some of the best memorabilia you had as a kid?

AZ: The original Darth Vader action figure is still my favorite of all. I lost it when i got high school age. I miss that one more than any other. And I wouldn’t let my mini snowspeeder out of my sight either.

FT: You co-host the Idiot’s Array podcast. Tell us about the show.

AZ: Idiot’s Array is all about in-depth conversations into the mythology and lore of the saga. We love liking at the force, the Jedi and the Sith from different angles. Mingling religion and current politics and affairs as comparisons as well as old world religion. We enjoy character focus and breakdowns, like Qui Gon Jinn (our favorite Jedi and most influential character of the saga)

FT: You also co-host Jedi and Jerms. Tell us about the show.

AZ: Jedi & Jerms is an NBA podcast. We are basketball fans and love to talk about the game, breaking down games, matchups and other aspects of the NBA. We also love to discuss the latest in pop culture, reviewing movies and tv series.

FT Where can fans find your shows?

AZ: Idiots Array and Jedi & Jerms.