Now how’s that for breaking a record? With the 2017 figures busting through the 200,000 barrier it appears that final figures have the 2018 attendance add 20% to that number, breaking the quarter of a million for the four day show. Anime Fest took place at Pier 94,  NYCC Now held event throughout the city and the Harvey Awards returned after a few years in Baltimore.

That said, can the city continue to expand and accommodate these ever-swelling numbers?

The continuing surge in attendance at the show will come as no surprise to attendees or exhibitors trying to get around the floor during NYCC. Even the inexplicable weekend shutdown of the 7 train—which usually stops directly across from Javits–didn’t keep fans away. The show exhibition floor and lower concourse areas were swamped by a river of fans, and lines just to get into the restrooms (especially for women) were long and depressing. But while the traffic was often slow going, people in the aisles were able to keep moving and circulating.

Asked if ReedPop is concerned that New York Comic Con will become too big to deliver a quality fan experience, Armstrong says, well, no. “If we continue to increase our level of investment in fan experience, I don’t think there is any reason for concern. Every year we are matching our growth with new venues, new content and new amenities,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong added: “I also think that technology has a role to play going forward. We are working hard to make sure that by using our badge technology, mobile app and recommendations, we can deliver to all our fans a personalized experience.”

The show has become a staple event for Fantha Tracks, so expect to see us there once again in 2019.