Building Astromech droids: Star Wars Droid Special

Star Wars Droids Special. The Astromech droids are well known throughout the galaxy, repairing starships with their retractable arms and attachments. Podpadstudios has 4 (no actually 5) of these useful droids.

Meet Zoe (cutaway turquoise R2 unit), Izzy (steampunk), CID (from Knights of the old Republic cartoon) and Emmy our R6 Droid, the first mobile droid Master Maker built.

See acc the droids in action, moving their heads, arms and eyes. Cogs whirl, water squirts, and smoke systems bubble away. Master Maker opens up Zoes head, and shows the inside working of a radio control droid. Oh yea, and Mrs Breaker builds a GNK (Gonk Droid) plant pot for her tomatoes, you have been warned. Then the droids help her plant it out……

No tomatoes were harmed during the making of this video.

Help and Tips on Droid Building available on line

This is dedicated to droid builders everywhere

Podpadstudios season 1 – Star Wars droid Special

00:00 GNK Series, Mrs makers Gonk Droid
00:23 R series, Zoe
02:35 Take a look Inside Zoe
04:24 R series, Izzy
05:03 T3 Series C.I.D
05:45 R series R6:E1, Emmy
06:52 Gonk Droid is finished


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