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Natalie Portman is back in a film that fictionalises a very real incident, all based around NASA and an affair that went out of control. The Daily Mail take a look at the plot of the film.

The plot sees Cola return home after a space mission and begin an affair with her colleague Mark Goodwin (Hamm).

Stevens plays the role of Cole’s husband Drew, while Beetz is cast as a NASA trainee.

While the characters in the movie are fictional, the storyline is inspired by a NASA affair that captivated the media’s attention in 2007.

NASA Capt. Lisa Nowak was famously arrested in connection with attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

Investigators said Nowak traveled from Houston to Orlando – wearing a diaper to save time on bathroom breaks – in pursuit of an Air Force captain named Colleen Shipman, who was dating her former lover, astronaut Bill Oefelein.

She carried items including a pepper spray, a wig, a mallet, a BB gun and a four-inch knife.

Nowak confronted Shipman while she was sitting in her vehicle and pepper sprayed her, officials said.

Nowak would later enter a guilty plea to burglary and misdemeanor battery, serving two days in custody and staying on probation for a year.