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Want to learn more about X-wing tournaments? FFG interview the 2017 Coruscant Invitational Champion Jeremy Chamblee, but something tells me he’s not going to be discussing his tactics…

FFG: How did you get started with X-Wing?

JC: I’ve played with miniatures since I was a kid. First with LEGO men battling over the toy box, then on to the big stuff. One day I walked in to my friendly local game store, an army of minis in tow, and I saw some folks surrounding a table with TIE fighters on it. I immediately asked them what they were playing, they said it was a new game called X-Wing, and I asked to play. One game in, and I was hooked.

FFG: What hooked you?

JC: The imagery first. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, and one of my favorite video games was Rogue Squadron on the N64. Tabletop games are my passion, so when someone told me I could play with TIE fighters in a tabletop game I wanted in.

Once the childlike wonder faded a bit, the game itself was gripping. Planning maneuvers, strategy, the whole bit.

FFG: You mentioned TIE fighters instead of X-wings. Does this mean you’re an Imperial player at heart?

JC: Yes, I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics of Imperial ships. And I do enjoy playing the bad guy.

Palpatine is probably my favorite character in Star Wars.