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Join Kevin Valliere over at FFG for an article about new players getting into the miniature hobby, namely assembling, constructing, and painting for Star Wars Legion.

Our community-driven series of articles covering the basics of Star Wars™: Legion continues with today’s entry from Kevin Valliere. Here, Kevin demystifies what can be one of the largest barriers of entry for new players: assembling, constructing, and painting your miniatures. Whether you strive for movie-accurate versions of iconic units or are creating a unique look for your army, join him as he breaks down the steps you can take to bring your armies to life!

In the last article, we talked about why Star Wars: Legion is such an exciting hobby to start.

But what if you’ve never assembled or painted a miniature before? It can seem quite intimidating to learn and purchase everything you need at first, but it’s really quite a simple process to go from spare parts to a table-ready miniature.