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The Star Wars franchise was created by George Lucas more than 40 years ago
and it wasn’t long before it became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. The
original trilogy of movies wasn’t followed by the prequel trilogy until more than
15 years later. Between that and the sequel trilogy, there was a gap of just one
decade, and more recently the movies are being released thick and fast. But that
still leaves time in between releases when die-hard fans need something to keep
them going. If you’re a fanatical Star Wars fan and are looking for some ways to
relax, here are 4 Star Wars related things you can do.

  1. Play Star Wars Games Online
There are a range of Star Wars themed games you can play online and you can
also play casino games online, some of which are Star Wars related. As well as
online games you can also enjoy playing an almost endless supply of Star Wars
video games. They’ve been around since 1982, with the most recent being The
Battlefront series. There are also a handful of cool Lego Star Wars games.

  2. Watch a Star Wars Spin-Of
Believe it or not, Lego and Lucasfilm have enjoyed a partnership since 1999. It
began with the release of Star Wars brick sets but evolved into Lego Star Wars
computer animated one-offs and miniseries. The first to be released was The
Quest for R2-D2 in 2009, closely followed by a selection of specials including The
Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Back.

3. Read a Book
The Star Wars tales were in written form long before they were made into
blockbuster movies and there are also countless reference books you can use to
fill your brain with minute Star Wars details such as the construction of a light
saber, the intricacies of a Star Destroyer, everything you need to know about
Darth Vader’s suit and much more.

4. Enjoy a Beer from the Dark Side
A brewing company in Purcellville, the Corcoran Brewing Company has been
offering Padawan Pumpkin Ales for a number of years. It’s recently added Dark
Apprentice to the menu. Washington DCs 3 Stars brewery has also released a
strong Belgian ale called Death Star.

Star Wars has taken the world by storm and this is just a small selection of the
ways in which you can stay acquainted with all the characters while you wait for
the next movie release. You’ll be pleased to know there are so many ways to still
indulge in your love for this franchise without relying on the films themselves.