Amy Ratcliffe takes a look at the bedroom of five year old Desmond Weinberger, who as you may be able to see is Star Wars crazy in the latest entry in her long running Fully Operational Fandom series.

Not all of us can jump into hyperspace from the comfort of our bedrooms, but Desmond Weinberger can. The five-year-old can travel between worlds whenever he wants, because he has the Millennium Falcon cockpit on his wall. His parents Erika Olson and Dustin Weinberger added the hunk of junk and other Star Wars touches to Desmond’s room because he’s been getting into Star Wars more and more since they introduced him to the galaxy in 2015 with LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales.

Since then, he’s played with his uncle’s ’80s-era Star Wars action figures, visited Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland, watched Forces of Destiny, and viewed A New Hope. His favorite part so far? “When Luke blows up the Death Star because there’s lots of fire.” However, he also likes Emperor Palpatine “because he has electricity coming out of his fingers.”
Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a dive support vessel in the North Sea or lurking in the background as an extra on movie/tv sets he likes to travel to as many Star Wars events and locations as possible. He lived the dream of being in Star Wars playing a Rebel MP in Rogue One and he's often found roaming conventions cosplaying as Bad Robot. Be afraid, but do it anyway - Carrie Fisher