The Star Wars saga is one of those iconic movies that have already become a part of lives and culture for many generators. What makes it special is clarity and the storyline that is both simple and complex at the same time. It has a unique representation of the world’s core values through the lens of technology, supernatural powers, and inner energy, which constitutes the values that we should cultivate inside us.

Watching Star Wars has also helped numerous students in the United States and beyond to get better with their studies as they became more focused and motivated. It is not only an action that makes it so popular but the vision and beliefs of the characters that every human being can relate to.


5 Ways in Which Star Wars is Useful for Students

  1. You Learn to Explore. One of the best parts of watching Star Wars is that it helps you to get more open-minded and finally explore. Subconsciously, it helps students to think outside the box and become a rebel in a good sense as every assignment becomes more than what is offered in the textbook. In a certain sense, Star Wars is teaching us about freedom where the freedom to learn matters, too!
  2. You Start Controlling Your Emotions. Right on, my young Padawan, you start getting less angry when something does not work and seek that inner balance that helps you to stay focused and believe in your skills as you pass through some exam. It has helped numerous students to gain more confidence as the Force (and hard work!) saved us more than once! It also gave us the inspiration to continue when things felt rough. Speaking of great ideas, consider checking the Writing Universe to learn about the ways to improve your writing style and keep things accurate.
  3. You Cheat Less. It also teaches about staying true regardless of the situation. For example, students who remember being honest do their best to avoid plagiarism. Since it can also be unintentional, the safest bet is to approach the best essay writing service and get some proofreading assistance among other things to make your tasks perfect!
  4. It Teaches You About Strategic Thinking. The action part of Star Wars is one of the cleverest strategies to date, which is great for analytical purposes. It has been inspirational for decades for a good reason! The best military specialists have been invited not only for these great costumes but for analytical work and scene planning to provide us with the best military strategies!
  5. Star Wars is a Part of Culture. It cannot be denied that Star Wars became one of those classic movies that instantly speak volumes about justice, freedom, honesty, and fighting the dark side all the time. Essentially, it is like a call to be responsible, sincere, patient, respectful, and listen to one’s heart in everything that we do as we learn, work, and communicate. Since our childhood times, watching Star Wars and following the right values is like a benchmark of moral standards that guide us every day.


The Art of Becoming a Jedi

Most of us have experienced Star Wars movies as children first, which has motivated many of us to try our best to become true Jedi. As we grew older, our inner mechanisms have transformed as we went through several maturity stages, yet these values that we have learned years ago still remain with us. Essentially, the art of becoming a Jedi is learning and dealing with our emotions, which is what Yoda has always repeated. Following a set of simple rules has helped many students to choose the right side and avoid the dark as they avoid cheating, skipping, or doing the wrong thing. Watching Star Wars does not end once the movie is over as we continue with our lives and studies to get better! May the Force be with you!




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