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Studying in college, you have to deal with many different challenges: moving away from your parents, receiving piles of homework, meeting new people, taking part in different activities, paying your loan, and much other stuff. Even though you can use statistics homework helper to cope with your assignments, you still have to find a way to relax to relieve all the stress accumulated during the studying process.

Many students choose games as the best way to get away from reality, and one of the nice options is Nintendo. In fact, the Switch is actually one of the most influential, popular and successful gaming systems ever created, so in this guide, we will cover top popular games you can play in college this year.


Top games for your Nintendo Switch

They say, «Work hard – play hard.» Once you complete your college tasks or delegate them to one of the services that write college papers (just send a request, «Please, write my essay for me»), you can relax and feel free to have some fun with your friends. We all know the whole list of good old Nintendo games like Super Mario and Star Fox, but with all the upgrades now, we can enjoy much better options with good graphics and interesting stories. This year, you can opt for such games as:


  1. Odyssey of Super Mario 

Compared to the old version, this is a game with 3D effect where instead of gathering  stars, you have to find over 1K moons that move your airship forward. There are new features like a living hat hand. Besides, you have an option to play it with a friend that makes the game funnier;


  1. Zelda Legend 

This version of the well-known game is good for adventurers: the previous ones were replaced with a world full of different secrets you can explore. Even making mistakes, you keep enjoying the story and perform actions with any things you can see in front of you;


  1. Animal Crossing

The newest version called New Horizons is quite intriguing and will send you to a lonely island where with the help of DIY tips, materials for crafting, raccoons, and even some neighbors, you can turn this place into a paradise. Implemented social features will allow you to play with up to seven of your friends;


  1. Fortnite

If you like shooters, this one will be a great choice. It is a perfect combination of a game with a nice platform: over one hundred players are set to fight against in thrilling sessions. Even though it has been much criticized, it is constantly changing with new ideas, building mechanics, and stories created;


  1. Dead Cells

As it comes from the name, you will die during the game, and die a lot. Your character appears in the role of something little that aims to inhabit a new dead body. Still, the game is engaging with the perfect blend of static and dynamic world elements;


  1. Captain Toad

If you love puzzles, then this game is for you. It is about a treasure tracker that appeared in old games with Super Mario and now is finally given the key role. You are placed in several new puzzle worlds where being in danger, you have to explore it and find your hidden treasure quickly. This game is aimed at one player only;


  1. Party Pack

This is a set of small games that you can start either alone or with a company. Based on the pack you choose (each one contains different games), you can create stupid slogans for clothes, compete in contests, draw pictures and do other fun things;


  1. Pokémon Sword and Shield

If you like battles, catching monsters, and exploring, then this game is definitely what you need. The environments are dynamic, moves are powerful, battles are large-scaled and social features are implemented (thus, you can play with your friends at long distance).