Star Wars is a sci-fi movie that is based on a storyline from a long time ago in a galaxy far away with villains and noble fighters. The Star Wars topic has been very hot on online chat boards and on social media, where most followers share their experience while watching the movie.

Some teachers may use this movie as a basis for their essays and other school assignments since it is a common topic amongst Millennials and young ones.

If you ever find yourself in that situation and don’t know where to start writing the essay, here are a few Star Wars topics for an opinion-based essay.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars have been a major success since its conception in 1977. It has impacted people a lot, even way before it became a box office blockbuster movie. It also changed the way the audience views Hollywood films and this episode titled “A New Hope” illustrated how cinema has evolved over the years.

You can write about your opinion about the whole set up of Star Wars, especially the abovementioned episode. Writing about this topic will also help you understand the movie better because you will gain more clarity in the movie. The topic is great for Star Wars essay because it is based around the heart of this sci-fi series.

The Hero Journey in Star Wars

Heroes have always been mythical people that exist only in our screens draped in spandex and capes. Star Wars chose to go for an alternate route when writing its own hero story. There are various heroes that you can write about in the movie and most importantly, their journey is what’s most interesting.

You can choose to write about one character that is a hero in your opinion and write about his/her journey and then add why you like that person. There are quite important lessons we may learn in the movie and from those heroes. You can outline those too in your Star Wars essay.

Myth and Romance in Star Wars

Usually, in movies like Star Wars, it is unlikely to have mythical or romantic parts in the storyline. However, in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, the movie showed its audience that it provides the scope of writing romantic parts. In this episode of Star Wars, some characters partook in some scenes of romance.

You can write an essay on that by outlining your feelings about the relationships and if they are cut out for each other. Also, you can write about who would have created a better couple if you were the story writer.

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Many people who aren’t loyal followers of each movie can confuse the two to be one and the same thing. These two movies aren’t one and the same thing and the rivalry between them and the followers of each flick prove this to be true.

Just because they are both science fiction doesn’t mean that they are the same, although they do share a lot of similarities. It is hard to tell which rivalry is winning because of Star Wars and Star Trek have an almost equal following.

You need to write this essay in an opinionated manner and voice out which movie you think is the best. It takes hard work to be a good essay writer and work on opinionated pieces. But it really pays off as they bring out the best in you.

Movie Review: ‘Star Wars’

A movie review essay is one of the best Star Wars essays topic for writing an opinion-based essay. In this topic, you get to write about the personal experience you had with the movie and how it could have been improved.

Write about the storyline and how the whole movie connected with their audience using it or how they lost that connection. Outline personal favorite scenes and why you like them. Write about the flaws of the movie as well as the strengths of it and how the characters play their roles.

You can even voice your feelings about villains, do you low key love, Darth Vader? Write about this to give the teacher your opinion on the movie through this essay.

The Bottom Line

Star Wars movies have gotten interesting over the years and there are various narratives that you can take when writing an essay about the movie. You can write a review about the movie, which somehow is the best idea and needs the least effort of focusing on details and research.

Alternatively, you can write about what you think is the best between Star Wars and Star Trek. If you are a fan, surely there will be a lot to say about this. You can also write about the heroes involved in the movie or even the villains if there is one that you like and know a lot about.


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