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Slots are one of the few casino games which is the most random. Think about it – you choose the size of your bet, start spinning the reels, and hope luck is on your side rather than not. Indeed, while pay by mobile slots are seen as a great way to try and hit a big win, these aren’t guaranteed profits. 

Instead, table games which include advantageous playing techniques like card counting, shuffle tracking and so on, are considered better routes to go down if you want profit from casino games. However, even then, that’s not to say you can’t get an advantage through slot sites. How did players take advantage? 

Mystery Progressive Slots 

With nearly all slots, the jackpot is paid and determined so completely at random. Mystery progressive slot machines however, are different in this way because they pay out jackpots of a specific amount. For example, a game may be programmed to pay its jackpot at £250 so you can predict when the payout is due. 

One of the most defining characteristics of mystery progressive slots is the small jackpots they have. Top payouts with mystery slots are from between £50 and £500, not so exciting if you want to chase massive jackpots. But there was a formula players used to use to take advantage of slots. 

Big Progressive Slots Jackpots 

There’s a good chance that you think of winning big at the same time as you think of normal progressive slots. Indeed, it’s a fair thought – some progressive slots have jackpots worth millions which is a super-exciting prospect for many. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a life changing sum. 

These wins become even more exciting considering that they can also offer even more. In some situations, the progressive jackpot grows bigger than its original value. While the catch with these slots is that the odds you’ll win are low, players used to take advantage of them in slot sites nonetheless. 

Accumulator Slots 

With meters that are filled by players earning special symbols throughout the gameplay, accumulator slots work by triggering a bonus payout when the meter is filled by the player. These slots give players an edge in the long run for sure, you just need to wait for a bonus meter to be almost full before playing. 

As is the case with all slots, there are no guarantees even when the meter is almost at the point of being full. However, you are almost guaranteed long-term profits if you carry on taking advantage of these situations, as players used to with some kinds of slots sites. 

Ways that Players used to take Advantage of Slot Sites Conclusion 

As you have now learned, there are many ways that players used to take advantage of slots sites. Bear in mind that these ways aren’t anywhere near as easy now as they once were though, and what works for some won’t always work for others. Nevertheless, why not head to your fave slots site now and give one a go?