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Encouraging words indeed from the man behind Snoke, Gollum, Ceasar, Kong and a plethora of other classic movie characters.

Speaking with UK IGN, Serkis briefly discussed the recently released second trailer trailer and while smartly dodging any potential hotspots (all he would say when quizzed on Snoke and Rey was “Oh man, that’s so confidential I can’t possibly talk about it. I’m sorry [Laughs], I would love to tell you…. All I can is you’re onto something.”) he did reveal that the trailers tone and mood matched the intensity of The Last Jedi.

“I thought the trailer was spectacular, and very intense. It absolutely reflects the tone and the feel of the movie. I do think this movie is going to really surprise people with its plotline and story and its tension in it.”

“Working with Rian, he’s again, a fine, fine director. He totally owned this world, and he’s a great actor’s director too. He’s really inspiring, I loved spending time with him on set, and I think he’s come up with an amazing movie.”

Serkis’ directorial debut ‘Breathe’ opened on limited release this week and The Last Jedi arrives in UK cinema’s on 14th December 2017.