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With Solo: A Star Wars Story only 104 days away the cast, crew and production are of immense interest to fans right now, and with their fingers on the pulse as always – led by Admiral Anthony Breznican – EW catch up with the primary players.

Donald Glover is front and center as Lando Calrissian, and he has a lot to say about the process and experience of entering a galaxy he has long loved.

We see the Millennium Falcon under Lando’s ownership and it is a very different looking ship. What do you think the Falcon reveals about who Lando is? 

He’s a very particular person with particular tastes and he likes the comforts of life. I would live in it right now, to be honest! [Laughs]

In between takes, they’d be like, “Okay, we are going to set up for the next shot , so you can go sit in your chair or whatever,” and I’d be like, “Actually I’ll just stay in Lando’s room.” It was that nice!

I would just lay in his bed and read a book or write something because it is very comfortable. I think he likes to be comfortable. He’s not a cowboy kind of guy.

How would you define Lando’s personality as a younger guy? How do he and Han differ?

He likes to know his way in and out of any situation that he’s in. Lando likes rules because he’s somebody who is in a position to benefit from rules.