Our pals at Future of the Force have interviewed the great Julian Glover, discussing his career and life in the Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Indiana Jones galaxies.

Phil: Was performing alongside Dave Prowse a factor in your accepting the role … because he was your schoolmate I believe?!

Julian: Not at all. We were at school at the same time and I only discovered two years ago we were actually in the same class. We didn’t know each other. Someone I was in the same class with was Timothy West, that fine actor, but we didn’t know that either until twenty years later when we came to see me in a show … he saw the back of my head and thought I sat behind that when I was at school (laughs). Dave Prowse doesn’t claim it as a plus and certainly weren’t mates … we didn’t know each other.

We aso caught up with Julian a year back at the National Space Centre and showed him with his very own Black Series 6″ figure.

It’s a cracking interview, be sure to check it out.