As the final season of The Clone Wars roars to its conclusion, Looper catch up with animation supervisor Keith Kellogg who discusses the return of Ray Park, fresh from his surprise turn in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“He is Darth Maul. That was so cool.”

“Maul lives as sort of this really great character with a really nice arc, going through Clone Wars up through Rebels, when you see him fight Obi-Wan.”

“We really study the movies and what came before us, but we’ve had to create a lot of Maul, because he’s in, I think, eight minutes of the movie.”

“Certain ways he’ll lift his leg, or he’ll do a double jump, or the foot plant that he’ll do… little things like that I certainly wouldn’t have thought of in terms of what we would do in animation. Even the way he stalks people when he’s Maul — he’d sort of become this kind of predator — to be able to take that and add it to what we already have was really a pretty epic pairing.”

Check out the full interview for more details on motion capture and Kellogs storied career.

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