Our buddy Albin Johnson is here, bringing us the latest patch from the 501st, and this time it’s a classic.

In 1998 the 501st Squad met for the first time in Atlanta, GA for DragonCon. A handful of Stormtroopers from all over the country in one spot: a humble beginning for what would become the worldwide 501st Legion!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of this moment. To commemorate, I gave artist Dave Liew one of the early snapshots from that weekend to create a proper shout-out to the original troopers. Done in the style of the film Reservoir Dogs, OG Troopers recognizes those original troopers may not have had today’s perfect armor, but they were pioneers!

3”x4 ¼” rectangle on red twill fabric background with black outer border
Price is $7 each ($5 each for orders of five or more)
Shipping is $1 per three patches ($2 per patch for orders outside the U.S.)
Pay via PayPal to trooper.tk210@gmail.com – please use Goods & Services option
Orders taken through Sept 15
All proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation

What a slick design – I’m so excited to offer this.
OG Trooper rocking after twenty years!

Get ordering before these are gone and be sure to come back on Sunday when we will roll out our classic interview with Albin from way back in 2006.