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Our friends over at ActionFigureJunkies.com attended the Triple Force Friday press event at Lucasfilm, and whilst there had a chance to talk with Chris Dern of Lucasfilm.

Our own Bob Trate went to Lucasfilm for the Triple Force Friday press event. While there, Bob had the chance to speak with Chris Dern, the Lucasfilm – Senior Product Development Manager. Chris has been with Lucasfilm since 2014. Before that, Chris worked for Hasbro as the Director of Product design (2006 to 2014). So, in short, Chris has helped to craft a lot of toys and action figures for Star Wars.

Instead of asking Chris questions that he would probably not answer or have to dodge (about yet to be released figures). Which is standard practice for Hasbro and Lucasfilm employees. We thought it was better to ask Chris about his Star Wars fandom and what action figures he likes from the Lucasfilm brand.

For the fun filled interview, take the link to ActionFigureJunkies.