Fantha Tracks TV: Julian Glover sees the General Veers Black Series figure for the first time

The Black Series General Veers figure is one of my favorite figures to date. It has also given me a moment to savour. I was lucky enough to the first person to be able to show Julian Glover (who played General Veers) the figure. His reaction was everything you would want it to be. Its moments like this that remind you what being a Star Wars fan is all about!

You can see the figure in more detail in the unboxing video below:

Thank you to Alliance Agents for their help in making this happen and thank you again to In Demand toys for getting the figure to us so quickly.

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Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Black Series General Veers Exclusive Action Figure
  • Kids and fans alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures from Star Wars The Black Series!