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Hasbro’s Steve Evans reveals some interesting new products at New York Toy Fair. It’s been a while since we saw packaging like this, eh?
Check out the insane level of detail on the upcoming 3-3/4” tank coming this fall. One of the canisters is openable and will have kyber crystals in. Expect a higher price point for this wonderful level of detail build ‘n’ deco.
Up close and personal with our Imperial Assault Tank – available this fall.
The upcoming fans choice vintage carded 3-3/4” features Doctor Aphra, from the hugely popular Marvel comic series, created by Kieron Gillen and  Salvador Larroca. This hand painted prototype was revealed at NYTF by Hasbro Star Wars brand manager Steve Evans – she will come out sometime later this year on a vintage card and the waist coat will be removable.
And finally if you’ve got a tank you need a pilot, so here’s the first look at the 3-3/4″ super articulated Rogue One Imperial Tank pilot figure that will arrive on a vintage style card later this year.
This helmet design was featured in the film after George Lucas visited Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One set and said they should use it.