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LEGO Design Director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Designer Manager Michael Lee Stockwell spoke recently about future sets and what fans can expect to see, and it would appear that in regards to Star Wars, the sky’s the limit

Jens: When we decide what content from Lucas-Disney to lean into in with our products it is something we do in close co-operation with them, we are discussing what would make most sense. It’s a bit of a challenge because sometimes it is hard to predict – for example with The Mandalorian, nobody could foresee how successful that would be.

So it’s always very difficult, but typically we are always having some classic LEGO Star Wars in the assortment, that will always be there, then there is a certain part of the assortment that has to lean in on new content. But it’s not like we are leaning on 10 different things, we are trying to focus a little bit so that products or models are connected. As you know, the Star Wars universe now is so huge, there is so much, so many options. We focused now on The Mandalorian which totally makes sense, but no-one knows what it is going to happen in the future, we have also seen the new season of The Clone Wars being very successful. There is so much that could work for us.

Michael: There is nothing that’s off limits as such, whatever we think will be interesting for the fans and also reflects what’s going on in Lucas-Disney is an option.

Jens: One thing we were a bit cautious about leaning into a Star Wars computer game that was age marked 18+, then it was a little bit weird if we made make toys for six year olds – but now where we have a much more diverse portfolio of products with some specifically target adults, every door is open basically.

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