When it was previously released as the generically monikered 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport, fans may have wondered why the LEGO Razor Crest wasn’t called the Razor Crest. That was due to an oversight that saw Lucasfilm lose the rights to the name ‘Razor Crest’ in Europe, but now that’s reverted back to the ownership of Lucasfilm, meaning the set can now be re-released under its correct name.

The reason seemingly lay in a trademark dispute: Michael Gaßmann, the owner of LEGO-compatible toy Modbrix, had trademarked ‘Razor Crest’ across Europe on January 24, 2020. That was after the first season of The Mandalorian had aired in the US, but before it arrived with Disney+ in Europe in March.

Lucasfilm Ltd. subsequently filed its own application for the trademark, which has now proven successful, StoneWars reports. That means ‘Razor Crest’ now belongs to Disney, not Modbrix – and while there’s no public documentation on how or why the application was granted, Gaßmann’s registration was originally thought to be in ‘bad faith’ given The Mandalorian had already aired in at least one territory.

Variant hunters, better get busy and grab those 75292 The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport versions before the freshly renamed sets arrive.


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