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Star Wars and Scalextric have not had a happy partnership with poorer than hoped for sales in the early 2010s with sets such as Battle for Endor and Death Star Attack.  This would have led to the cancellation of this awesome set “Battle of Hoth” last seen at Toy Fairs in 2013.  A fellow Star Wars fan and Scalextric collector is offering this prototype for sale for £1500.

Star Wars Scalextric Prototype items relating to a ‘Battle of Hoth’ set that was designed, created, approved and shown at toy fairs, but then never released due to the previous Star Wars Scalextric items not been a big enough success. The set was to be based around Hoth and include 2 snowspeeders.

This group includes a mock up box that was shown at toy fairs, along with a fully approved final sample of the snowspeeder (complete with LFL stamp), a prototype snow effect track section, an early pre production snowspeeder body in black plastic, and an unassembled pre production body with Scalextric marks to base which have a spelling error (instead of Snowspeeder it is marked ‘Snowspeeper’).

As far as I am aware, the mock up box and track section are unique, the fully finished snowspeeder is one of approximately 4 completed to this stage (but all has different designs) the pre production black bodies there are likely to be be around 20+ of these that exist.

As a child I had no interest in Scalextric but if this was available I would have been all over it.  Anyone interested in this purchase can contact me and I will put you in touch with the seller.  There is a placeholder on Amazon showing how the full set would have looked.