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Brothers Brick take a look at a fascinating and unusual situation as the 75188 Resistance Bomber set has received a minifigure upgrade, swapping out the generic figure inside for a bespoke Finch Dallow replacement.

If Finch wasn’t named in the film credits, how was he identified as the pilot?

Black British actor Kevin Layne, who played the character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, was simply credited in the film as “Resistance Bomber Pilot #1.” Finch was first named in The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron novel, which covers more about Rose and Paige Tico’s adventures and is a storyline that is a canon in the Star Wars universe.

After noticing the minifigure update, LEGO fan Piers Jon wrote to LEGO and received this response:

“When we develop LEGO sets based on movies, we aspire to make minifigures and models that reflect the iconic characters and scenes in the film. For this reason our products are most often developed by LEGO designers using reference material from specific movies – still images, sketches, as well as in the actual movies as inspiration. We developed The Lego Star Wars Resistance Bomber set (75188), based on “The Last Jedi” movie and discovered after the film was released that one of The Lego minifigures in the set doesn’t reflect the movie scene properly. As a result, we decided to adjust the set accordingly, true to our motto: “Only the best is good enough”. We hope Star Wars fans across the world appreciate this attention to details”

And Finch Dallow himself, actor Kevin Layne was understandably excited.

Great bit of detective work by Brothers Brick.

Just FYI, Amazon UK are showing images of the reissued set, with Finch Dallow sitting in the cockpit, so if you want this new figure click below and get ordering.