Whilst everyone else has been enjoying the lovely weather and getting excited by the announcements coming out of D23, the team over at Echo Base LIVE have been busy and have today made the latest announcement for their Rebellion event, coming to a galaxy not so far away on Saturday October 5th 2019.

The next guest heading to the Kingfisher shopping centre in Redditch is Jack McKenzie, Lt Cal Alder in The Empire Strikes Back.

After the capture of the Imperial Captain Needa, Admiral Ackbar arranged for the captured captain to be transferred to the secure holding area on the ice planet Hoth, on arrival he was greeted by Lt Cal Alder who escorted the captured Captain to his cell.

We are pleased to announce that Jack McKenzie will be joining us at Echo Base LIVE!

Jack has had numerous film and television roles including Richard Attenborough’s “A Bridge Too Far” & “Ghandi” as well as theatre and musical theatre. To Star Wars fans McKenzie is known as Lt Cal Alder from Hoth’s Echo Base
McKenzie had become well associated with the film crew from Attenborough’s “A Bridge Too Far”, many of whom were to be involved with the filming of “The Empire Strikes Back” and McLenzie’s agent arranged for an interview with the casting agent, resulting in a role in the Star Wars sequel.
Having a British accent, McKenzie was fortunate to have a speaking part in Empire. Director, Irvin Kershner asked McKenzie if he could speak with an American accent and once the director was convinced McKenzie was given the iconic dialogue, “Sir, all the patrols are in. No sign of Skywalker or Solo”.
Most recently, McKenzie’s acting career has involved appearances in popular UK TV shows such as Heartbeat, The Bill and EastEnders.

Autograph charge – £15

Please give Jack a warm Echo welcome. He will be signing autographs all day.

Jack joins the previously announced guests Tim Rose and Mike Quinn and there are more to be announced. And don’t forget that event Early Bird passes are also now on sale: for just £8 you can get into the event at 9:15am ahead of the general entry (which is FREE) at 10am. Perfect for trying to scoop up that elusive vintage collectible!!

Fantha Tracks will be there again so be sure to say hello on the day, and head over to the event Facebook page here.