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Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show returns next weekend at Fordingbridge Town Hall, bringing a Star Wars tsunami of awesomeness to what is, for the time it’s on, the center of the Star Wars galaxy (well, apart from some small, understated film premier that’s happening in LA a few hours later).

Put simply – you need to be there. Kicking off the festivities on Saturday 9th is the first Fantha Day, and signing at the event are two stars of the saga.

First off is one of the world’s leading concept artists, make-up artists and sculptors, Martin Rezard.

We are extremely please to announce the inclusion of Martin Rezard for our Star Wars Weekender on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of December. Martin’s work as a concept artist, traditional & digital sculptor and prosthetic make-up artist are legendary and have led him to work on some of the biggest TV & Film productions over the past 20 years.

His credits include feature films such as ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, ‘Star Wars: Episode II, Attack of the Clones’, ‘Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith’, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘World War Z’, ‘Maleficent’, ‘Thor: The Dark World’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘The Matrix’ and more, plus TV shows like ‘Farscape’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Little Britain’, ‘Torchwood’, ‘Merlin’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.

Signing Saturday 12-5pm at Star Wars Fantha Day

Presentation and Q&A at Mon Cal Con III The Mon Calamari & Quarren Convention
Signing Sunday 11am-1pm at Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show
Martin will be signing both days within allocated times above at £15 per signing (online pre-booking available shortly).

Paul Kasey, the man behind Rogue One’s most popular character Admiral Raddus also joins us at the first Fantha Day as well as Mon Cal Con and Farthest From.

Joining Star Wars Fantha Day, Mon Cal Con III The Mon Calamari & Quarren Convention and Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show on 9th & 10th of December is actor Paul Kasey.

Within the world of Star Wars, Paul is best known as the legendary Admiral Raddus from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Beastie Boys X-Wing Pilot Ello Asty from The Force Awakens, but has also played numerous roles within other productions such as Dr Who, Torchwood and many more.

Paul will be signing both days at £20 per signing (online pre-booking available shortly).

Joining our movie guests at Fantha Day are the UK’s two premier Star Wars costume groups, the UK Garrison and the Rebel Legion.

The evening brings the now traditional Mon Cal Con, The Mon Calamari & Quarren Convention. Past guests have included Gerald Home, Dave Shorter and Paul Bateman and this years third Mon Cal Con sees Martin Rezard conduct a Q&A and presentation before the guests tuck into Christmas dinner, a few beers and some party games.

After such a busy opening day you might hanker after a lie-in, but don’t sleep too long as Farthest From itself is on Sunday. The UK’s leading vintage collectors event, this is the 16th event and past guests have included Gerald Home, Jerome Blake, Paul Blake, Paul Bateman, JAKe, Malcolm Tween, Stephane Faurcourt, Shane Turgeon, Mattais Rhendahl, Gus Lopez, Duncan Jenkins and Richard Stride.

This year sees Martin Rezard and Paul Kasey join that illustrious roster of guests as well as the Repro Clinic.

Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show works with many areas of the collecting community, often acting as the perfect platform for people meet, engage and learn.

On Sunday 10th of December, attendees will get the chance to interact with The Repro Clinic courtesy of Facebook Vintage Collecting Group, Jabba’s Court and The Imperial Gunnery.

If you want to learn how to spot reproductions or have doubts on any of your own weapons or accessory’s, let the experts take a look for you.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/JabbasCourt/ — at Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show.

Get yourselves down to Fordingbridge and join in on what’s sure to be an amazing weekend.