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Fancy a lunch with Lynwen Brennan, Executive VP of Lucasfilm and then taking a tour of the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco? Here’s how you can make that happen (pocketbooks at the ready)

From dueling Jedi to globe-trotting treasure hunts, Lucasfilm has created some of cinema’s truly magical moments. IfOnly unlocks exclusive access to the legendary film production company with a chance to meet its Executive Vice President, Lynwen Brennan.

You and a guest will sit down for lunch with Lynwen in San Francisco to learn how she runs the day-to-day business of a major movie studio. Lynwen has overseen work on blockbusters like Jurassic ParkBlack Panther, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi—just imagine the insights she’ll have about visual effects, the film industry, and all your favorite movies.

Then receive a private tour of Lucasfilm headquarters. Step into halls filled with George Lucas’ personal collection of vintage movie posters, and get an up-close look at maquettes, models, and artifacts used by Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects powerhouse that revolutionized moviemaking. Throughout your tour, you will see immediately-recognizable props and set pieces from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Funds from this experience will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America, a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people.


30-minute lunch for 2 people with Lynwen Brennan, general manager of Lucasfilm, in San Francisco, CA
Lunch will be located at Lucasfilm company headquarters or Lynwen Brennan’s favorite restaurant to conduct business
Photo opportunity with Lynwen Brennan
Private tour of Lucasfilm company headquarters
Tour may be led by Lynwen Brennan or a member of her team
Experience will be scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date on weekdays only based on Lynwen Brennan’s availability; flexibility in scheduling is advised
Experience must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance
Background check required for winner and all guests within 24 hours of purchase
Experience provided in English (US)
By clicking Place Bid, you agree to all our Terms Of Use

Winner is responsible for cost of lunch for the group, including tax and gratuity
Restaurant location to be determined; dietary restrictions will be considered
Transportation and accommodations are not included
This item may not be resold or re-auctioned in any circumstance
Meeting timing is always subject to the luminaries’ schedule, weather, etc. and there may be fluidity to the timing during the experience
Because of unforeseen circumstances with luminaries’ schedules, experiences may be canceled or rescheduled only by the luminary. To allow for a smoother, more nimble booking process, guests are strongly urged to arrange for refundable airfare and accommodations when travel is required.
This experience is non-refundable once purchased

Free advice, be sure when you click the entry button to have closely read the small print first, as this experience – which benefits the Boys and Girls Club of America, a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people – is not cheap.