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Mac Smith of Skywalker Sound will be among the presenters at this years XRDC in San Francisco.

There’s a ton of great stuff to see and do at XRDC in San Francisco later this month, so today we wanted to quickly highlight some of the more popular offerings to give you a heads-up on what to see at this premier AR/VR/MR event!

XRDC 2019 will of course be kicking off October 14th and 15th at the beautiful waterfront Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, where you’ll be able to enjoy demos and lectures concerning the latest advances in the AR/VR/MR industires in a convivial, vibrant space alongside fellow innovators and experts.

In a special talk on “‘War Remains’: Using LBE to Transport Audiences to WWI” Skywalker Sound’s Mac Smith and Flight School Studio’s Taylor Williams will share key lessons learned for designing high-quality location-based AR/VR experiences.

All the details of the presentation follow:

‘War Remains’: Using LBE to Transport Audiences to WWI

Taylor Williams (Executive Producer, Flight School Studio)
Mac Smith (Supervising Sound Editor, Skywalker Sound)

Location: Game & Entertainment Stage
Date: Monday, October 14
Time: 10:00am – 10:40am
Topic: Entertainment
Format: Session
Vault Recording: Video

What if location-based entertainment could provide new insight into the inconceivable realities of past wars? Through installations at the Tribeca Film Festival and in Austin, TX, ‘War Remains’ transported hundreds of people directly to the front lines of the First World War. Using floor rumblers, wind effects and special haptics, along with a touchable physical set and the narration of Hardcore History’s Dan Carlin, ‘War Remains’ allows people to experience one of the most nightmarish wars in history like never before.

This session shares key lessons learned for designing an LBE during the year-long production of ‘War Remains’, created by MWM Immersive in collaboration with Dan Carlin, Flight School Studio, and Skywalker Sound. It is a deep dive into how the speakers resolved design, audio, and technical challenges while maintaining a high level of historical accuracy, all within 650 square ft.


Best practices for utilizing handcrafted spaces, VR, sound design, and physical sensations to transport users into a massive and lifelike world. We’ll breakdown lessons learned in physical and virtual set design, tools to motivate users to touch, move, and feel through these spaces as well as sound and narrative techniques.

Intended Audience

Designers, LBE operators, and producers will find this talk valuable. Creators interested in merging tangible and virtual objects in an installation that motivates users toward deep immersion and interaction will benefit the most. Attendees should have a basic understanding of VR development.