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Star Wars Fan Fun Day returns for 2020, shifting back to the end of the month from gimmick Star Wars Day to the real Star Wars Day of 25th May and joining them at Burnley Football Club are two performers from Return of the Jedi.


The team are delighted to welcome TIM DRY and SEAN CRAWFORD back to the SWFFD!

Tim Dry is a mime artist, writer, photographic artist, musician and actor, best known for appearing as J’Quille and a Mon Calamari officer in Return of the Jedi and the cult sci-fi/horror film Xtro.

Sean is known for his work as Saelt Marae ( Yak Face ) and a Mon Calamari officer in Return of the Jedi, Xtro, and Three of a Kind.

Tim and Sean were also members of the 80’s music and mime duo Tik and Tok.

Entry tickets and photoshoot tickets with Tim and Sean are on sale now at www.swffd.co.uk

Sean and Tim are joined at the show by Samantha Alleyne, Alan Harris and Orli Shoshan.