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Speaking with Comic Book Resources, the spirit of Ahsoka Tano, actress Ashley Eckstein gave an update on the current status of The Clone Wars long-awaited seventh season.

“I can promise — obviously, Dave Filoni is a part of it and he’s done his best to bring back a lot of the key people that were a part of the show, pretty much all the cast members and then also some of the main crew members.The stories are incredible, the people are incredible and anything that Dave Filoni touches is going to be amazing.”

Moving on from The Clone Wars and then on to Rebels was a tougher transition than Eckstein anticipated.

“It’s so funny because, after Clone Wars and when I jumped into Rebels, it was actually pretty hard for me to do Rebels Ahsoka because she was that much older and she was a whole lot more like Obi-Wan rather than Ahsoka from Clone Wars. She was more of the mentor now, the teacher, and so it took me a while to get into that role, and then now I have to go back to Clone Wars, so I have to unlearn everything that I learned and that place I went to for Rebels Ahsoka and go back to Clone Wars Ahsoka and really, I mean, this is after she walks down those steps.”

“She’s still around the same age, so age-wise I know I can — because I would change my voice according to her age — so age-wise I kind of know I can get my voice back there, but she’s also in a different place because she just left the Jedi Order and she’s dealing with all those thoughts and emotions and questions of, like, ‘What happens next?'”

Indeed, what does happen next? We’re counting down the days until we find out in late 2019.