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The appearance of a Tognath in Solo: A Star Wars Story was most welcome, like seeing the legacy aliens in the film like the brown Rodian that kicks down one of Dryden Vos’ men near the end of the adventure. However, full confirmation of which Tognath that was has been elusive (Jon Kasdan and Pablo Hidalgo had both been asked, but no definitive answer was given). Now our friends over at Ziro.hu in Hungary have the answer.

A read through Egmont’s excellent Star Wars Alien Archive: A Guide to the Species of the Galaxy – Fantha Tracks review coming soon – takes us to page 16 and reveals that it’s not Edrio but Benthic who has travelled the galaxy fighting for justice against a tyrannical Empire.

“Benthic Two Tubes was a member of the Cloud-Riders, a gang led by Enfys Nest that operated during the years of the Galactic Empire.

Reunited with his brother Edrio, the two “Tubes” joined Saw Gerrera’s rebel cell on Jedha.”

So now we know. Of course, while Edrio managed to grab the lions share of the spotlight out of the two egg brothers when Rogue One was the latest film, he is the one who met an unfortunate ending, as revealed in Star Wars #39.