The coronavirus may have the majority of us on lockdown, working from home, supporting our NHS, health care and key workers as they continue to care for the vulnerable but that doesn’t mean that work doesn’t continue on projects like The Mandalorian. Director Rick Famuyiwa and ILM’s Hal Hickel both spoke to variety about the continuation of the work as the lockdown rolls on.

(P)ost-production on the Disney Plus series during the coronavirus has been “more all-consuming than usual,” Famuyiwa says.

“We’ve been hunkered down in the post process, it’s been a challenging and great experience so far, but it’s good to have that to take my mind away from the daily madness that we’re living at the moment,” the director says.

The show’s animation supervisor, Hal Hickel, agrees that throwing himself into post-production for season 2 has been cathartic, but also stresses that the mountain of work he and his team have to carry out has only grown bigger because of the circumstances.

“A big tentpole summer film, like say ‘Avengers,’ might be around 2,000 visual effects shots, and these series are a little shy of 4,000 visual effects shots for season 1, and season 2 is no different,” Hickel says. “We’re doing them in around the same amount of time, maybe even less time, than a big summer film, plus we all have to work remotely. We’re in the middle of that tsunami now, but we’re going to get it all done, people are going to get their Baby Yoda, I promise.”

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