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How’s this for the perfect Christmas present.

It appears that – according to CNBC via MCU Exchange – that Disney and 20th Century Fox are close to making a deal, bringing the original home of Star Wars and its current owners under one Mouse-shaped roof.

Disney and 21st Century Fox closing in on $60 billion deal: Sources from CNBC.

That elusive Fox-Disney deal that everyone has been talking about in the past few weeks made some huge strides this past couple of days when 2 big reports dropped regarding its status.

One dropped last weekend, stating that the House of Mouse has re-entered talks to purchase several of the companies media assets after reports surfaced that the deal was off.

Another dropped last night, stating that Fox has the hots for Disney more than any of the other companies interested in purchasing them, given how they’re a more “strategic fit” and how they present “less regulatory hurdles”.

And just now, CNBC dropped a bombshell to top it all off: Disney and Fox are actually closing in on a deal and an announcement may be made next week.

As undeniably awesome as the current crop of films are, there’s something missing at the start of every Star Wars film. Just the thought of that Fox Fanfare being played over the start of a Star Wars film again….


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