Fourteen revelations about the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark

The opening twelve minutes of the Raiders of the Lost Ark is often hailed as the greatest opening sequence in action film history.  Countless films have since sought to recreate that iconic Lucasfilm production sequence.  But how much do we really know about the sequence, EW investigates…

With director Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One opening this weekend, EW is revisiting one of the master’s greatest triumphs of the 1980s. Hold onto your fedoras for 14 behind-the-scenes revelations about how Speilberg and writer George Lucas made Hollywood history:

1. Indy leading his team through the jungle during the opening credits looks like it was all shot in the same location. Yet producer Frank Marshall tells EW those three minutes of hiking were actually filmed in eight-to-10 different spots all around Hawaii. And that famous fade-in from the Paramount logo to an actual mountain? “That was an idea Steven kind of sprung on us,” Marshall says, sending the producer scrambling across Kauai at the last minute until he found the perfect peak. This is one of those production problems that would never happen today, as a production would can easily create a mountain background with CG — yet knowing it’s real adds something, don’t you think?

For the other thirteen reveals, take the link below and get a sample of the sequence in question in the clip above.